Return Exam Script

Please contact the NZIMLS office before purchasing the return of your exam script. Scripts will not be returned if payment only is received. Before a script is returned, please consider the following: . The NZIMLS will return examination scripts on request. However, this is to be for the personal use of the individual who requests them. Generally, these requests are from candidates who have failed the exam and wish to review their answers with their supervisor as a learning tool to help them to succeed the following year. 2. Please note an employer cannot pressure a candidate to request their examination booklet to be returned. Any use of examination questions and written answers for other than the individual candidate breaches the ownership of the examination material. Our continued accreditation as an examination provider with the Medical Sciences Council relies on us maintaining these standards. 3. Please note that once you have received your script, you are no longer able to apply for a reassessment and no further correspondence relating to the marking of the script will be entered into. 4. If you are requesting the return of your examination paper for your personal use, we will be happy to provide it to you. Please confirm whether you still require the return of your examination script after considering the above.

$25.00 NZD