Other Services

  • Admin Fee - Late CPD Points

    This administration fee is payable to NZIMLS if you require us to enter your CPD points for the previous year, after the closing date has expired.
  • Fellowship

    Fellowship of NZIMLS payment
  • QMLT Examination

    Non-refundable examination fee for the NZIMLS QMLT examinations. Please ensure you also complete an Examination Application, and Associate Membership Application.
  • Replacement Badge

    Replacement QMLT badges are available from the Executive Office. Once we receive your payment, a new badge will be sent to you.
  • Return Exam Script

    Please contact the NZIMLS office before purchasing the return of your exam script. Scripts will not be returned if payment only is received. Before a script is returned, please consider the following: . The NZIMLS will return examination scripts on request. However, this is to be for the personal use of the individual who requests them. Generally, these requests are from candidates...