CPD and Membership Coordinator Jillian Broadbent 2017

Jillian Broadbent is employed by the NZIMLS as CPD and Membership  Coordinator. Jillian is a registered Medical Laboratory Scientist, and a Fellow of the NZIMLS. Contact Jillian at cpd@nzimls.org.nz

The CPD programme has been developed by the NZIMLS as a means of assessing the laboratory competence of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Scientific Officers and Laboratory Technicians employed in medical diagnostic laboratories.  The programme is available to all Registered Medical Laboratory Scientists, Scientific Officers and Technicians in New Zealand.  The programme provides a path toward CPD certification using a points system linked to laboratory competencies and continuing education in the MLS profession.  

The CPD programme meets the requirements of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, which requires registered health professionals to demonstrate competence, prior to the issue of an Annual Practising Certificate.  The NZIMLS CPD programme is approved by the Medical Laboratory Sciences Council of New Zealand (MSCNZ).

To join the programme, participants must complete the appropriate CPD enrolment form and forward it to the NZIMLS Executive Office

Should you have any queries about your eligibility to join the programme, or require more information, please contact Jillian Broadbent (pictured) at CPD@nzimls.org.nz. You may also wish to read our CPD FAQs.