Journal questionnaire

Below are 10 questions based on the articles published in the April 2017 issue of the NZIMLS Journal.  Before you attempt the questionnaire you should read the articles fully.   Most questions require more than one answer and it is recommended that you pre-prepare your answers and then cut and paste them in to the relevant answer boxes provided.  Your questionnaire can be submitted for grading by pressing the "send" button once all questions have been answered.  

You are reminded that to claim CPD points for the questionnaire you must submit your own answers.  Answers to the questions obtained as part of a consultative or group process are not eligible.  Only those who have successfully completed the Journal questionnaire can claim 5 CPD points.  You can not claim additional CPD points for reading the articles from which the questions were derived.

The site will remain open until Monday 31st July 2017.  You must get a minimum of 8 questions right to obtain 5 CPD points.

Rob Siebers
Journal Editor