Volume Number: 71
Journal Number: 3
Date: November 2017

November 2017

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Science Digest by M Legge.


Evaluation of the MAST indirect carbapenemase test and comparison with a modified carbapenem inactivation method for the detection of carbapenemase enzymes in Gram-negative bacteria by J Creighton, C Tibbs.


Resolution of early reaction errors (ERE) in haemostasis testing at Wellington SCL by M Hill, R O'Toole, C Kendrick.


A comparison of positivity using routine incubation, extended incubation and antihuman globulin in the Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC) assay by MP Chacko, R Shanthi, D Dolly.


The reticulocyte haemoglobin equivalent (RET-He) and laboratory screening for iron deficiency by C Poffenroth, C Mabbett, C Kendrick.


Diffuse fine speckled (DFS70) antibody in ANA testing: identification and proposed management in a New Zealand tertiary hospital setting by PM austin, SM McCarthy, HT Faiva-Thompson.


Deciding by numbers: the genesis of prenatal serum screening cut-off limits for Down syndrome and neural tube defects by M Legge, R Fitzgerald.


Binary male-female laboratory reference ranges do not reflect reality for transgender individuals on sex-hormone therapy by MJ Adriaansen, WNC Perry, HE Perry, RC Steel.


ISO 15189:2012 implementation checklists for conformity assessment by accreditation bodies: a comparative analysis by D. Mok.


TH Pullar Memorial Address. Bringing home the America’s Cup by J. Broadbent.