QMLT Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I apply to sit a QMLT exam?

  • Application is available from mid-March each year. Applicants must be an Associate member of NZIMLS, and need to have exam applications to the Executive office by 20 May. No late entries are accepted.
  • It is not compulsory for technicians to sit a QMLT after six months of practical experience. You can sit the following year.

When does NZIMLS need my Practical Assessment?

  • The Practical Assessment is to be completed, and the signed page only emailed to the NZIMLS office within 12 months of passing your exam.

What if I am unable to sit my exam?

  • Provision is made for you to withdraw from/rollover your examination under special circumstances. Please refer to the QMLT Prerequisites document for further information. Requests for withdrawal must be received, in writing to the Executive Office, no later than 1st October in the year you are sitting your exam.

I've passed my QMLT exam - what now?

  • Ensure you have provided NZIMLS with your completed Logbook. Send in the signed page only.
  • Apply for Provisional Registration as a Medical Laboratory Technician or Medical Laboratory Pre-analytical Technician with the Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand.
  • Complete your hours. You are required to complete 2,000 hours  for your qualification to be finalised. Once you have finished your hours, download a Completion of Hours form (available here), fill in and email to the Executive Office.
  • Once the Executive Office receive your signed Completion of Hours form your Certificate and badge will be posted to you.

Do I need to enrol in a CPD programme?

Do I need to keep my Associate membership with NZIMLS?

  • Membership with NZIMLS is voluntary, however keeping your membership is a good way to stay in touch with other professionals working in the field of medical laboratory science. As an Associate member you will receive discounted rates to NZIMLS Special Interest Group meetings and Conferences.
  • NOTE: You must remain a financial member of NZIMLS until the time you fully complete your qualification (i.e. passed the examination AND provided us with your Completion of Hours and Practical Assessment sign-offs.

Should I let NZIMLS know if I no longer wish to be a member?

  • YES! You must let the Executive Office know if you no longer wish to be a member. Reminder notices are sent out via email at the beginning of each year, and you are liable for that year's fees unless you have resigned your membership.