Membership FAQs

Do I have to be a member of NZIMLS?

  • Membership is voluntary. However, membership of your professional body is your first step toward your identity as both a health-care and a laboratory professional. Membership is open to those engaged in, training in, or associated with the profession of Medical Laboratory Science.

What type of membership do I apply for?

  • Scientists registered with the Medical Laboratory Sciences Council of NZ should apply for Full Membership with NZIMLS.
  • Technicians registered with the Medical Laboratory Sciences Council of NZ should apply for Associate Membership with NZIMLS.
  • Any person not eligible for Full Membership (e.g. non-registered Laboratory Technicians, trainees and non-vocationally qualified persons associated with the profession) may apply for Associate membership.

I'm a BMLSc student. Am I able to hold membership?

  • Yes! Student membership is available for anyone currently enrolled in their third or fourth year of a BMLSc degree being taught in a New Zealand university.

How can I apply for or renew membership?

  • You may apply for new membership or renew your current membership here.

Can I get reimbursed for my membership payment?

  • Some laboratories do reimburse their members who are also enrolled in our CPD programme. Check with your Supervisor if this applies to you.

Does membership with NZIMLS automatically register me with the Medical Sciences Council?

I am emigrating to New Zealand. Does membership with NZIMLS help with employment?

  • No, membership with NZIMLS does not help if you are currently overseas looking to work in New Zealand.