The Auckland Hospital ‘Central’ Laboratory 1897-1950

When John Buchanan was appointed to the position of Assistant Haematologist in the Auckland  Hospital  Laboratory  in 1964, the high  standard  of  work  and fine spirit of the staff aroused his curiosity about earlier times. This book is the result. It traces the first 50 years  of the Auckland Hospital Laboratory from the days when a series of part- time pathologists held the fort until Dr Walter Gilmour arrived in 1920. By the 1930s and 40s the demand for laboratory services soon expanded beyond post- mortems, histological diagnoses on surgical specimens, and bacteriological testing. Two world wars and leaps in scientific developments meant pathology was expanding into new fields of clinical biochemistry, haematology and serology. By 1950 the laboratory was the academic heart of Auckland Hospital.

This survey is enriched by many photographs, and interviews of staff who highlight the innovative ethos and collegial fun that they shared.


The Auckland Hospital ‘Central’ Laboratory: 1897-1950                            Author and Publisher: John Buchanan

240 x 170mm | 237 pages | History | Picture gallery| Reminiscences of former staff | Index of names

Published June 2019

ISBN: Paperback - 978-0-473-48187-2

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