MLS Related Education

The NZIMLS is collecting website addresses of material suitable for Continuing Education purposes. The following is the start of a list of addresses for you to visit. As time goes on we hope to be able to offer material spanning the breadth of all of the MLS subjects.

The material at these sites has been assessed as suitable for CPD points as outlined in the NZIMLS CPD programme booklet. Completion of an educational session allows a claim for 2 points per article. Don't forget to keep a synopsis of the talks or presentations, the length of time spent in the session as well as the date and URL of the site visited.



American Association of Haematology - Online Blood Journal - downloadable articles available
The Dark Daily - Laboratory and Pathology News
PubMed - access to journals
Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals - Archive section contains MLS related articles
Transfusion News
Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

International Clinical Cytometry Society

IBMS eHealthPD App

Future Learn

HologicDigital Cytology education sessions. You may claim CPD points under "Web-based learning programmes". Each completed session is worth 2 points.

Future Learn COVID-19

Note: completion of the entire course is worth 24 points, and members must write a reflective statement on completion for audit purposes.